interRAI instruments are widely used across Canada and many have been localized to include Canadian country-specific examples. If you live in Canada, you may select from the Canadian title links below. You may also select other interRAI titles that have not (yet) been localized from the “Browse” list on the left.

To be consistent with pricing practices in the North American territory, interRAI currently offers a 15% adjustment off of the USD list price for Canadian orders (any printed manual or printed forms) up to $3,000 per order. When you place your order the discount will be automatically calculated for an order being shipped to Canada. This price adjustment is subject to change by interRAI at its discretion. Orders equal to or over $3,000 qualify for deeper volume discounts for all customers - click here to view our Bulk Discount pricing

The languages used in the publications listed in the links below, as well as the country-specific examples, are native to Canada, and items that may vary among countries have been made specific to Canada.