We are pleased to offer our manuals in electronic format via our ebookstore, serving a global audience! Ebooks can be read online in your browser, or offline via the iPublishCentral Reader application, available for PC desktop (Windows and Mac), as well as on Apple and Android mobile devices. You can annotate and bookmark your ebooks, too. At the ebookstore, you can browse, purchase, and download interRAI ebooks.

Please understand that while you will be able to annotate and bookmark your ebook, interRAI ebooks cannot be printed, shared, or appended to email.

We welcome your input as we grow to better your needs. Our goal is to see interRAI instruments used extensively. If you are interested in a multiple-copy purchase for your institution, please click here to fill out our subscription request form.

Thank you, and enjoy interRAI ebooks!

Please note: The interRAI ebookstore is separate from the interRAI Print Catalog site. Customer registration information is not shared between the two sites; purchasing ebooks will require you to create a separate account at the interRAI ebookstore.

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