Guidelines for the Use of interRAI Intellectual Property

Updated January 27, 2021

Contracts. interRAI's intellectual property use is governed by contracts and licenses. To discuss the specific use you have in mind, please send an email to

Use in Publication. interRAI publishes manuals that are available for purchase through two methods:

  • Paper manuals can be ordered through the interRAI website (click on "Buy Books" on the interRAI home page, or go directly to Volume discounts are available.
  • Electronic manuals are available for purchase as downloaded files or subscription access (click on "Buy Books" on, or go directly to You can review free selections of manuals prior to buying. Electronic copies can be downloaded to a single computer or mobile device and will not be able to be either copied or printed. Online institutional subscriptions are also available.

Use in Software. interRAI licenses its content, its intellectual property, to software vendors; contracting terms are available at Licensed vendors may access electronic files of the manuals' text, which can be embedded in the software. However, the vendor is required to design the interface so that large amounts of text cannot be shown at any one time and the manual itself cannot be printed.

Customization for Local Implementation. At this time, governments or large caregiving systems may request modest modifications to the interRAI instruments and manuals, for example by changing the content of personal identifiers or adding items specific to their jurisdiction. The rules for such changes are included in the interRAI licenses with these organizations; any requests for publications of local customizations should be addressed to

Purchase of Manuals. In every software application that includes interRAI content, a specified number of paper or electronic manuals must be purchased for training and use. (For more information, or for specifics on your existing contract, please contact

Use of Forms. Please note that you must be licensed to use any version of interRAI forms. For information on licensing, contact or call +1-734-936-3261.

Use of the interRAI logo by any entity other than interRAI itself is specifically prohibited without prior written approval from interRAI; please contact

Copyright. All interRAI intellectual property must attribute copyright to interRAI by including a minimum of the copyright symbol, interRAI, and 4-digit year.

     Example: © interRAI 2021

Copyright of interRAI Instruments. All interRAI Instruments, whether translated or localized, must include copyright symbol, interRAI, instrument acronym, first year the instrument was published followed by a dash (if different than current year), current year, and interRAI web address.

     Example: © interRAI HC 1994–2021