interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health and Developmental Disability (ChYMH-DD) Assessment Form and User’s Manual: For use with In-patient and Community-Based Assessments, (Standard English Edition), 9.3.0

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The interRAI ChYMH-DD is intended to be used with children and youth with developmental disabilities in mental health settings to support comprehensive care planning, outcome measurement, quality indicators, and case mix classification to estimate relative resource intensity. It employs specific observation periods in order to provide reliable and valid measures of clinical characteristics that reflect the young person's strengths, preferences, and needs. In keeping with other interRAI instruments, the basic time frame for assessment was set at 3 days unless otherwise indicated. Triggers for numerous Collaborative Action Plans to support care planning decisions are also embedded in the instrument.

There are two versions of the ChYMH-DD Assessment form. Typically, the In-patient form would be used for a young person who currently resides in a residential facility or psychiatric facility/unit, and the Community-Based form for a young person who resides in a community setting.

The ChYMH-DD also includes the interRAI Adolescent Supplement Assessment Form and item-by-item guide for its use. This supplement to the ChYMH-DD core assessment includes items used to collect information about problem behaviors within the following domains: Substance Use or Excessive Behavior; Parental Status (Youth as Parent); Independence in Daily Activities; Prevention, Service Utilization, Treatments; Strengths; Mental Health and Well-Being.



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