interRAI Emergency Screener for Psychiatry (ESP) Assessment Form and User’s Manual, (Standard English Edition), 9.1.1

82 (76-page manual plus 5-page form)
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The interRAI Emergency Screener for Psychiatry (ESP) is a short screening tool for acute mental health emergency screening with a 24-hour observation period. The interRAI ESP is compatible with the interRAI MH and interRAI CMH. It can be used in hospital settings, emergency departments and mobile crisis teams. This ESP has additional response categories focusing on the immediate presence of indicators relevant to risk appraisal and care planning related to safety (for example, harm to self, others). The interRAI ESP also provides decision support for placement and bed utilization.


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About the interRAI Hospital Assessment Systems:

Over the past five years, the interRAI research collaboration has developed and extensively tested this new assessment system which supports assessments, care planning, and quality improvement across the hospital continuum.



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