Santé mentale des enfants et des adolescents — Dépistage (SMEA-D) interRAI, manuel de l'utilisateur et formulaire d'évaluation, Édition canadienne-française, 9.3.0

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The Canadian French edition of "Santé mentale des enfants et des adolescents — Dépistage (SMEA-D) interRAI, manuel de l’utilisateur et formulaire d’évaluation" is translated from the English "interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health Screener (interRAI ChYMH-S)," and is based on, and intended to complement, the interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health (interRAI ChYMH) assessment instrument for both in-patient and community-based populations.

The interRAI ChYMH Screener can be used to assist with triaging as well as identifying the need for a full, comprehensive mental health assessment using the interRAI ChYMH assessment. The interRAI ChYMH-S can be used as a basic screener in multiple settings, including in-patient and community programs and services. The primary use of the interRAI ChYMH-S is to support decision making related to triaging, placement, and service utilization. Although it informs immediate care triaging, it is not a replacement for or an alternative to the interRAI ChYMH assessment and its associated Collaborative Action Plans (CAPs).

The interRAI suite of assessment instruments comprise an integrated health and social service information system that can be used to assess, respond to, and monitor the strengths, preferences, and needs of vulnerable populations. The interRAI ChYMH Assessment System is specifically designed for children and youth with mental health concerns receiving services in in-patient or community-based mental health programs.



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